An Interview with designer Original Eve

I love telling stories through the jewelry we create, whether it is the story of two individuals falling in love in a custom piece, the transformation of a landscape into a wearable piece of art, or the unique history of an individually selected gemstone in the Amazon Collection, we infuse our jewelry with meaning that goes beyond first glance.
Markette Six
DEC 11 2019

An Interview with Designer Julie Lamb

My pieces exude simplicity and craft, with an eye toward merging the traditional skills of master jewelers with new technology.
Markette Six
NOV 20 2019

An Interview with Enji Studio Jewelry

In a sea of mass production and fast fashion, Enji Studio Jewelry is on a mission to bring you something timeless and meaningful. They create modern, ethical designs using traditional techniques that are true to your style, your journey in life, and reflect your values.
Markette Six
NOV 13 2019

Inspiration for Markette Six

For us, the inspiration for Markette Six came from my mother's passion for quality and honest jewelry.
Heather Knapp
OCT 22 2019

Jewelry feeds my soul.

Listening to clients talk about their personal connections to family jewelry is what most appeals to me as a designer and Gemologist. I love to hear the origins of each piece, especially those linked to a childhood memory.
Emily Sole Growney
SEP 27 2019

An interview with Abingdon Co.

All about living a life of adventure, The Abingdon Co. is the only quality watch brand for women who do adventurous activities like flying airplanes, scuba diving, base jumping, motocross, and racecar driving.
Markette Six
AUG 29 2019

An interview with Julie Genet

Julie Genet, one of our featured designers based in Cagnes Sur Mer, France brings a whimsical vision to her designs. Each collection conceived as a kingdom populated by jewelry characters, Julie Genet's designs are unique pieces, precious and playful.
Markette Six
JUN 26 2019