OCT 22 2019

Inspiration for Markette Six

For us, the inspiration for Markette Six came from my mother's passion for quality and honest jewelry.

Heather Knapp

For us, the inspiration for Markette Six came from my mother's passion for quality and honest jewelry. She is a forever student and is constantly learning about the origins of gemstones, the different settings to highlight the beauty of a priceless treasure, the important and influential role jewelry has  played throughout history, and the special place in one's heart around giving or getting that perfect piece.  

For me, there was a particular Holiday season that giving that perfect piece to my mother, that I will always cherish and remember. 

One Christmas, when I was 6 years old, my dad told me that we were going to go shopping for my mom, and I needed to go and gather up the money I had been saving. We pulled up to the jewelry store, and having been there so often I was ecstatic to go inside to talk to the owner and designer Mark about my plan to get my mom the perfect present. 

After speaking to Mark for a bit, my dad told me to take my time and pick out something for my mom, something she would really love. I began walking around the store and started thinking that maybe the $20 I brought with me may not be enough.  Despite my concern, I began walking around the store, looking in every case, all the while Mark, who treated me as a very important customer,  highlighted certain rings, necklaces, and bracelets that my Mom had spoken to him about on one of her many previous visits.  

Then I found it! It was the most beautiful item in the store,  a red tourmaline and gold ring that was the perfect Christmas gift.  I remember looking at Mark and saying, “this is the ring I wanted to buy for my mom; but I only had $20 to spend and didn’t know if I could afford it?” Mark looked at me and said, “It just so happens, that particular ring was exactly $20.” I remember walking out of the store, in awe, that I could afford something so beautiful, and I knew my mom would cherish it forever.


That Christmas morning, I sat next to her as she opened the gift that I had picked out, just waiting to see her reaction. I remember the look of surprise and excitement as she opened the gift, and I was beaming with joy, but also a little pride in my great taste and excellent gift giving abilities!


Many years later, I learned that my parents had pre-arranged the shopping trip. They had cleverly called ahead to let Mark know that we would be coming in and whatever I picked out, they would be sure to cover the difference. Although they had tricked me, I will always remember how wonderful it felt to give such a meaningful gift and to see how happy my mother was to open it.

Each and every piece has a story that is meant to be shared with the world. 

The joy of discovery, the joy of giving, and the joy of receiving is the inspiration that led us to build Markette Six. We are honored to share your story and privileged to help you find your piece of joy.

Markette six

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