NOV 20 2019

An Interview with Designer Julie Lamb

My pieces exude simplicity and craft, with an eye toward merging the traditional skills of master jewelers with new technology.

Markette Six

Tell us about yourself, including what inspired you to start Julie Lamb NY?

I probably started making jewelry at or around age 6. I was in the creative program in my Brooklyn public school and devoted off-hours to making my own beads. A lot of the first inspirations were from my momʼs outfits, Iʼd make pieces to match specific patterns and colorways and she would wear them in public! So really I donʼt remember life without making jewelry. I decided to be a jewelry designer at age 16 and only looked at colleges with metal studios.

Tell us about your design style and what makes it unique.

My style is concept-driven. In my original design work, I explore recognizable symbols and translate them in precious metals and stones. I prefer a very clean, machined aesthetic and noticeable weight.

As a creative and a designer, where do you draw inspiration from?

Mostly from inside my head. Otherwise, loose stones are where itʼs at- they talk, I listen! In my collections, I draw on themes of empowerment and individuality. My message is as important to the piece as the quality and design.

What do you feel is the most important aspect of designing and making jewelry?

Making something that isnʼt out there already. A new spin, innovation. Otherwise whatʼs the point? ‘Different By Designʼ

What new things (designs, etc.) do you have planned for 2020?

Expanding my reach with my Be Ewe collection. I have a very niche audience there and Iʼm looking into adding on in other categories. For example, a big Knitfluencer (its a thing!) is releasing a pattern for a cashmere infinity scarf I designed and heʼs naming it the ‘Lambfinityʼ! This story has legs, four of them!!!

Who are your favorite designers? (not limited to jewelry)

Philippe Starck, Gelareh Mizrahi, Missoni, Jonathan Adler, Mercedes Benz

Whatʼs your favorite piece youʼve ever created? 


What, if anything, would you want customers to know about you and your brand?

We donʼt skimp. If a diamond is supposed to be there you get a diamond, not a space filled with prongs. If it looks heavy, it is. Itʼs not hollowed out to hit a price point. I do whatʼs right for the product and not what gets me a higher margin. Bad businesswoman / good designer! I donʼt want to put out anything less than my best, my name is on it. Also, my pieces are meant to be worn. Most are fairly casual silhouettes that can be layered for a dressy look. The goal is to put on your favorite jewelry every day, the stuff that makes you happy and brings you confidence. I create them to be enjoyed and encourage you not to wait for a special occasion! ‘Have Fun with Fineʼ

What is the favorite travel destination you have been to? 

Italy, anyplace. Been to Venice a few times, would like to stay on Murano or Burano one day, closer to the millefiore.

Where is your next bucket-list travel destination? 

Greece, Israel, Scotland all at the top of my list.

What is your top travel tip?

Donʼt bring your good jewelry. Wear most of the stuff youʼre bringing and fill in with costume or silver, who wants another thing to worry about? Also, if the restaurant speaks English go someplace else! Local flavor over tourist traps!

What is your top tip for creating balance in your life?

Work out when you can, donʼt eat carbs. Dance more, iPhone less. Have besties on speed dial. When all else fails itʼs okay to have a cocktail at anytime afternoon (no time table for airports or Vegas). Let your purpose guide you : )

Markette six

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