AUG 20 2019

5 Ways to Get Back to Sleep

Finding balance is a constant challenge. To achieve any balance, you have to prioritize yourself. The easiest step towards finding your balance is sleep.

Heather Knapp

If you are like me then you can often struggle to get and stay asleep, here are five tricks I use to help calm the mind and lull myself to sleep. 


Build a memorable place in your mind. For me, I go back and build my childhood kitchen, so many amazing memories. I think about every last detail in the kitchen, down to the terrible yellow appliances, thank you 1980’s and the plastic placemats we girls had to use when setting the table.


Picture a calming environment. I envision crashing waves at the beach, visualizing each detail of how the wave flows up onto the sand and then as it recedes it leaves small bubbles in the sand. How my feet feel as they slowly get buried within the sand. Evoking every sense. 

Take a note.

If I awake thinking about tasks I need to complete, or possibly something I have forgotten to complete I take a moment to write it all down, allowing my mind to be rid of the clutter. Always keep a pen and paper nearby, the blue light from your phone may stimulate your brain and make it difficult to fall back asleep.


Pick a letter from the alphabet, can be any letter. Then focus on trying to find as many different words that start with that letter as possible. 

Tense and Release.

There are times when I wake up where I have just enough anxiety that I need to do more than mental exercises to calm my mind and body. When these moments occur, I resort to one simple trick tense and release. I tense/flex my muscles for 5 – 10 seconds within each muscle group starting from the toes and working up my body.

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