Julie Lamb NY

New York based designer Julie Lamb’s various collection themes explore empowerment and individuality, under the overall brand mission of ‘Have Fun with Fine’. Lamb’s unique interpretation of recognizable iconography provides a different point of view, and most often coaxes a smile as amusement is a key design element. Her Metropolis line for example is inspired by a unique stone shape that reads ‘Diamond’ to some and ‘Superman’ to others. Any way you cut it this iconic form holds powerful meaning. The diamond, a symbol of strength and everlasting commitment; the shield as it identifies a classic American superhero who defended a fictional city that feels very close to home. You are encouraged to ‘Acknowledge Your Superpowers’, choose your own adventure, and be the heroine of your own story! 

Known For:

Solid, substantial gold weight.

Made in New York


Iconic symbolism, engaging messages, playful titles.

Different by Design

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